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Welcome to Nals

Experience your holidays – enjoy the quietness!
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 The village of Nals is situated among vineyards and orchards in the sunny Etsch Valley and is called “The Gateway to the South Tyrolean Wine Road”. The cycling route “Via Claudia Augusta“ runs through its centre. Nals lies about 9 miles far from Bolzano and approximately 11 miles from the spa town of Merano, slightly away from the large traffic routes. The village has about 1,800 inhabitants and stretches from an altitude of 300 metres right up to 1,100 metres above sea level. As the most southern village of the Merano and Environs, Nals enjoys a particularly good climate.

Due to its picturesque location and fascinating nature, it is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. It has a direct link to the South Tyrolean network of cycling paths and is, therefore, a very interesting place for cyclers. Nals is the most northerly village along the South Tyrolean Wine Road and very famous for wine tasting events and renowned wine cellars.

Imposing fortresses and castles, traditional residences and farmhouses, embedded in a network of orchards and vineyards – all of these are important parts of our image. Why not take part in our guided wine cellar tours of “Nals Margreid“ and enjoy the art of wine tasting every Wednesday at 4 p.m.  – or simply enjoy Sirmian, a hamlet near Nals, which will spoil you with fantastic panoramic views over the entire Etsch Valley, right up to the legendary Dolomites.

Beside our beautiful surroundings, a broad variety of sports and leisure facilities will make your holiday a wonderful experience. 

We are known for our warm hospitality. Come, stay and enjoy! 
Welcome to Nals!